ExpertsLive (Wien) Cafe Recap

Letzte Woche hatte ich das Vergnügen am ExpertsLive Cafe in Wien 2 „Vorträge“ halten zu dürfen. Das ExpertsLive Caf’e geht aus den Usergroups rund um Stefan Koell, Stefan Denninger, Roman Stadlmaier und Patrick Wahlmüller hervor. WP_20170523_16_40_38_Pro

Ein Vortrag wurde von Helmut Otto über die Konfiguration von Azure Stack gehalten. Er gab wertvolle Tipps zu Konfiguration und zum Betrieb von Azure-Stack und zeigte auf wie die Infrastrukturen bei den eigenen Kunden konfiguriert werden.

Ich habe im Anschluß etwas zum Management von Powershell Projekten mit Hilfe von Visual Studio erzählt. Der Abend wurde geschlossen mit einer von mir durchgeführen Whisky Verkostung.

Ein paar Impressionen hat Michael Seirer für uns hochgeladen.




The transformation of Crankdesk

Today i will announce the transformation for the Crankdesk Blog. I decided to change some things for several reasons. Lets go on:

  1. The initial idea of this blog was to write a documentation about the product i currently manage, the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM. In the last year we wrote a very detailled documentation on In result i will delete the documents regarding M42 EM on this site.
  2. I started a new love. This love is named Powershell. I think i will focus more on that topic in future.
  3. Removing the chaos: In the next few minutes i will start to reorganize the page, remove unneeded content and all blog posts that are just „news“.
  4. Because of the lack of time i will stop to write my Blog posts about SCCM news. My collegues Andrè and Alex (and much other people all over the world) has published the same content.


No, i don’t stop to blog. I just change. We’ll see us…

System Center Community Meeting in Köln 2017-03-23

Yes we did it again. The Usergroup meeting in Cologne was a huge success for all participants. Jürgen has done a Session about the implementation of SCCM and Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM at the „Landeszentrum für Datenverarbeitung“. After that i hold a session about „Continous integration of Powershell scripts“ with Visual Studio Online. I liked the location and enjoyed the whole evening. I am happy to say, that we will repeat this at September 28th in Frankfurt. Save the date !!! More infos will follow soon.


If you are interested in the Powershell Session content, feel free to Download the Powershell Build Package from here and have a look to the recording.


Powershell lifecycle management

Einführung SCCM_EM_in der Steuerverwaltung Baden-Württemberg [Kompatibilitätsmodus]


The System Center news and facts CW06

Let’s talk about SCCM again. I found some very interesting perls about SCCM on the web, i would share with you here.

Get your Windows Product key

You want to find out, what for an Product Key was used to activate Windows? You can use the following Commandline for that:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
Thanks to TGHAdmin for sharing this.


SCCM TP 1701

Okay, you can say „outdated info“, but i think its worthful to post here. Since January, 20th the SCCM TP build 1701 is available. You can find a list of features in Yvettes Blog Post.

A few test result are postet by Jörgen here.

SCCM Software Update Management Guide

Who is not figthing in the never-ending patch-war? On my search for a few tips and tricks i found a really cool guideline written by Benoit Lecours. You have to pay a few bucks, but i really have to say: It’s worth. Feel free to checkout.


Technical preview of Enterprise Manager 7

Hi there outside. I am very proud, that we were able to release our first Technical Preview of „Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM“ (EM). I think i can say, that EM is the most advanced addon for SCCM on the market. One main differentiation to other solution is, that we ship an additional Agent which is running side-by-side with the SCCM Agent and enhanced the User-Experience of SCCM on the user-side. Now we gone the next big step and created an brand new agent which is using modern protocols (webAPI, SignalR) to implement features like push and realtime reporting with nearly zero network usage and a brand-new (full customizable) UI based on HTML5.


Please keep in mind, this is the first of a series of Technical Previews. Do not use this build in a productive Environment. Follow this link to login to the Matrix42 Marketplace and download the binaries. A demo license must be ordered separate.

The System Center news and facts CW02

New year, new News. After 2 weeks of vacation, i will present you the news and web-pearls round about System Center (CM).

ExpertsLive Switzerland

Marcel starts a Swiss ExpertsLive in Switzerland which is hold completly in german. I like the idea and hope i will be a great event. Start here.

MacOS Sierra Supported

With a new client version of CM MacOS Sierra is official supported by SCCM. You can get the new version here.

Technical Summit 2016 on Channel9

The videos of the Technical Summit 2016 in Darmstadt are available on Channel9. Here you will find the overview about all sessions.

Remote Logfile Powershell Opener

I detected a very cool Powershell script from Simon Dettling to open CM Logfiles a simple as possible from remote machines. It absolutly simple to use. Feel free.

SCCM Über Console

Terence Beggs created a console setup with PSADK wich installed the SCCM console and a few cool tools on top within 1 script. I like it so much that i directly integrated it into my demo environment. Check it out.

Usergroups Rhein/Main and Munich

The CM-Usergroup Meetings for Rhein/Main (this time in Cologne) and Munich are finally planned. Feel free to register and join.



The System Center news and facts CW50

Hello again, time for the next System Center News and facts.

Azure Meetup in Munich

Ok, not a System Center topic, but interesting: Christian is doing an Azure Meetup in Munich tomorrow.

SCCM 1610 in Slow-Ring

Thanks to André. SCCM is now available for all 1511, 1602 and 1606 installations.

App-V Hotfix 7 released

You can download the new App-V Hotfix 7 from here now.

To get information, what has changed in this hotfix, please refer to this MS IT Pro Blog.

SCCM Usergroup Events in Munich and Cologne

The most important message at last: The new usergroup events are planned. Please feel free to register for the events in Munich or/and Cologne.

I wish you a nice and relaxed Christmas time…

Next news, next year…


<ho ho ho>