Webinar über Kosteneinsparung mit SCCM


Am 28.09. halte ich zusammen mit Jörg Ehrlinspiel, Projektleiter bei der ZF, ein Webinar über den Einsatz des Enterprise Manager for SCCM (EM) bei SCCM und die Möglichkeiten der Kosteneinsparung durch den EM. Ich würde mich freuen wenn ich dort viele alte und neue Namen in der Teilnehmerliste sehe. Ich bin sicher das ist eine gut investierte Stunde Zeit. Registrierung erfolgt hier.


The System Center news and facts CW02

New year, new News. After 2 weeks of vacation, i will present you the news and web-pearls round about System Center (CM).

ExpertsLive Switzerland

Marcel starts a Swiss ExpertsLive in Switzerland which is hold completly in german. I like the idea and hope i will be a great event. Start here.

MacOS Sierra Supported

With a new client version of CM MacOS Sierra is official supported by SCCM. You can get the new version here.

Technical Summit 2016 on Channel9

The videos of the Technical Summit 2016 in Darmstadt are available on Channel9. Here you will find the overview about all sessions.

Remote Logfile Powershell Opener

I detected a very cool Powershell script from Simon Dettling to open CM Logfiles a simple as possible from remote machines. It absolutly simple to use. Feel free.

SCCM Über Console

Terence Beggs created a console setup with PSADK wich installed the SCCM console and a few cool tools on top within 1 script. I like it so much that i directly integrated it into my demo environment. Check it out.

Usergroups Rhein/Main and Munich

The CM-Usergroup Meetings for Rhein/Main (this time in Cologne) and Munich are finally planned. Feel free to register and join.



New version of SQL Server script

I am proud to announce, that a new Version of my SQL Server script is released. Here are the changes:

  • Feature: Script is tested with windows 10
  • Feature: Script is tested with SQL Server 2016
  • Feature: Handle SQL Setup Returncode 2068643838 as success (All selected features are already installed)
  • Change:  Removed SysAdmins, Update, PID, SecurityMode, SAPWD, Collation, Protocols and InstanceId from parameter creation when FeatureSQL is not selected or Uninstall is selected
  • Change:  Replaced all „Exit“ calls by „Exit-Script“ which will clenup the system and handle balloon popup, reboot and applocker
  • Change:  Replaces Get-WindowsFeature CmdLet by Get-WindowsOptionalFeature th enable support on Windows 10 clients also.
  • Feature: The input for the collation parameter is now checked, based on $dirFiles\Collation\SQLCollation_xxxx.csv (list created with select name, COLLATIONPROPERTY(name, ‚CodePage‘) as Code_Page, description from sys.fn_helpcollations()).
  • Change:  Simplified Code
  • Feature: Improved logging

Have fun



Crankdesk with SQL Server Management on SCUG.AT

Jihaaaaa. At June 30th i will join the System Center Usergroup in Vienna, which is arranged by Stefan Koell. I will Show, how cool and easy it is to install SQL Server 2014 with my new PSADK based package for SQL Server. I will show the whole Integration in SCCM and Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM.

I promise to you: Never again you will need more than 5 minutes to deploy SQL Server to your Server Systems.

PSADK Package: SQL-Server

This PSADK based package installs SQL Server 2014/2016 on your Serversystem. It can be used to automate the Installation very easy but having the most options to configure SQL Server available as Parameters.

You can run the package several times on a Serversystem to install multiple instances.

Further Information in SQL Server v03 (en).


SCCM Community Meeting in Munich 2016-04-07

yesterday we had our first Community Meeting in the „Paulaner Brauhaus“ in Munich. The Meeting was sponsored by TAP and Matrix42.

There were two session hold:

Eric told us about the Features and functions of SCCM in the Azure Cloud and i hold a session about the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager.

It was a very interesting evening with much of discussions and ideas. If you are more interested in the Usergroup, please join our XING Group at https://www.xing.com/communities/groups/system-center-usergroup-muenchen-2b4e-1087501.

Following you have some impression from the evening.