Show me the where, the why, the what

Immer wieder passiert es selbst dem allerbesten Administrator den Registry Key auf dem falschen seiner dutzend offenen RDP Sitzungen zu setzen oder den Server A statt Server B neu zu starten. Oft ist es aber auch nur die Anforderung, schnell alle wichtigen Sitzungsinformationen auf einem Blick zur Verfügung zu haben.


Presentation about „Automate SQL Server Installation“

if you are interested,  i attached a presentation about my SQL Server Automation script based on PSADK, SCCM and Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM to the SQL Server Automation Site.

Have fun.


New version of SQL Server script

I am proud to announce, that a new Version of my SQL Server script is released. Here are the changes:

  • Feature: Script is tested with windows 10
  • Feature: Script is tested with SQL Server 2016
  • Feature: Handle SQL Setup Returncode 2068643838 as success (All selected features are already installed)
  • Change:  Removed SysAdmins, Update, PID, SecurityMode, SAPWD, Collation, Protocols and InstanceId from parameter creation when FeatureSQL is not selected or Uninstall is selected
  • Change:  Replaced all „Exit“ calls by „Exit-Script“ which will clenup the system and handle balloon popup, reboot and applocker
  • Change:  Replaces Get-WindowsFeature CmdLet by Get-WindowsOptionalFeature th enable support on Windows 10 clients also.
  • Feature: The input for the collation parameter is now checked, based on $dirFiles\Collation\SQLCollation_xxxx.csv (list created with select name, COLLATIONPROPERTY(name, ‚CodePage‘) as Code_Page, description from sys.fn_helpcollations()).
  • Change:  Simplified Code
  • Feature: Improved logging

Have fun



PSADK Package: SQL-Server

This PSADK based package installs SQL Server 2014/2016 on your Serversystem. It can be used to automate the Installation very easy but having the most options to configure SQL Server available as Parameters.

You can run the package several times on a Serversystem to install multiple instances.

Further Information in SQL Server v03 (en).


PSADK Package: Java 8

This PSADK based package tries to uninstall all detected versions (6,7,8) of java that are installed on the local machine and installs Java 8 in a given Version.

Improve the Support Experience with PSADK

I use Powershell Appdeployment Toolkit to package my application for SCCM. One thing i miss is, to see on the local Client which application is installed, when it was installed, from which source it was installed, and so one. Additional i want to repair applications on a very simple way without touching the SCCM Console. That was the reason for me to register every installed PSADK package in the local registry of the Computer and deregister it during an uninstallation of the application.