The transformation of Crankdesk

Today i will announce the transformation for the Crankdesk Blog. I decided to change some things for several reasons. Lets go on:

  1. The initial idea of this blog was to write a documentation about the product i currently manage, the Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM. In the last year we wrote a very detailled documentation on In result i will delete the documents regarding M42 EM on this site.
  2. I started a new love. This love is named Powershell. I think i will focus more on that topic in future.
  3. Removing the chaos: In the next few minutes i will start to reorganize the page, remove unneeded content and all blog posts that are just „news“.
  4. Because of the lack of time i will stop to write my Blog posts about SCCM news. My collegues Andrè and Alex (and much other people all over the world) has published the same content.


No, i don’t stop to blog. I just change. We’ll see us…


The System Center news and facts CW06

Let’s talk about SCCM again. I found some very interesting perls about SCCM on the web, i would share with you here.

Get your Windows Product key

You want to find out, what for an Product Key was used to activate Windows? You can use the following Commandline for that:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
Thanks to TGHAdmin for sharing this.


SCCM TP 1701

Okay, you can say „outdated info“, but i think its worthful to post here. Since January, 20th the SCCM TP build 1701 is available. You can find a list of features in Yvettes Blog Post.

A few test result are postet by Jörgen here.

SCCM Software Update Management Guide

Who is not figthing in the never-ending patch-war? On my search for a few tips and tricks i found a really cool guideline written by Benoit Lecours. You have to pay a few bucks, but i really have to say: It’s worth. Feel free to checkout.


The System Center news and facts CW50

Hello again, time for the next System Center News and facts.

Azure Meetup in Munich

Ok, not a System Center topic, but interesting: Christian is doing an Azure Meetup in Munich tomorrow.

SCCM 1610 in Slow-Ring

Thanks to André. SCCM is now available for all 1511, 1602 and 1606 installations.

App-V Hotfix 7 released

You can download the new App-V Hotfix 7 from here now.

To get information, what has changed in this hotfix, please refer to this MS IT Pro Blog.

SCCM Usergroup Events in Munich and Cologne

The most important message at last: The new usergroup events are planned. Please feel free to register for the events in Munich or/and Cologne.

I wish you a nice and relaxed Christmas time…

Next news, next year…


<ho ho ho>

The System Center news and facts CW46

17 days are gone since the last System Center Facts and news round about System Center. So lets what’s happened the last two weeks:

New System Center Version 1610

Yeah the most important message first: Yesterday Microsoft released a new version of SCCM with version number 1610. Of course without any warning and al ittle bit surprising. An overview about the new features you will find here:

Specially the Client peer cache is very interesting. I am really excited what 1E’s and Adaptiva’s answer will be.

Currently it’s possible that you have to activate your SCCM Environment for Fastring. You can do that with this Powershell Script.

Of course, we shortly release a version of Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM which will support 1610.

System Center 2012 R2 SP1 CU4 released

Of course, not only CB, also SCCM 2012 is an very important version for us. Microsoft currently release CU4 for SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 (and also SCCM 2012 SP2).

All offical information can be found here.

End of Support for 1511

Do not forget, no one will celebrate Christmas, when your company is running out of support. The Support for SCCM 1511 will end at 08th of December.

Here are all Support end dates:

SCCM CB 1511   – End of Support = 8th Dec 2016  – Already out of Security and Critical Updates servicing support !
SCCM CB 1602 – End of Support  = 11th March 2017 – Already out of Security and Critical Updates servicing support !
SCCM CB 1606 – End of Support  = 22nd July 2017 – Already out of Security and Critical Updates servicing support !
SCCM CB 1610 – End of Support = 18th November 2017 – Fully supported!

Tip: Cleanup SCCM Cache for all files older than X

I found this absolut interesting article for all customer who are using small SSD discs. With this article you can build a configuration baseline to cleanup the CCMCache for all files older than X days. Thanks to Eswar for sharing that.

Cortana and Wunderlist

ok ok, not an SCCM topic, but soooo cooooool. Good things come to these who wait. Cortana can finally integrate with Wunderlist. For me the most important feature of Cortana, because i hated it, that Cortana had its own Todo List and i was not able to cry through my house to let add Cortana something to my Wunderlist ToDo-List. Here are more details.

The System Center news and facts CW44

As promised two weeks ago, i want to give you update regular about news and facts about all things round about System Center i discovered in my role as Product Manager for all SCCM tools, Matrix42 is producing. So lets go:

A new Meetup

Eric started a new Meetup for the region of Weimar. Topic will be Azure. Details will be available as soon as possible under the following address: (German content)

Upgrade Windows 10

A topic i wanted to explain several times, now Manuel had done it first. Unter the address you will find a detailed description, how to upgrade your existing Windows Installation to the newest Build Version. It’s based on an SCCM Task-Sequence, so you are able to use „Matrix42 Enterprise for SCCM“ to enhance the functionality EM.

Inplace Upgrade of SQL Server

You want to upgrade your SQL Server to Version 2016 and you don’t know how to do that and which versions are supported? Use this great TechNet article to find out, how to to an inplace upgrade.


There are many rumors and discussion round about the SCCM LTBS. My opinion: New stuff is cool stuff, and one or two bugs makes life spicy. But if you are interested in LTBS, have a look to another LTBS information site, which describes restrictions of LTBS.


The System Center news and facts CW42

In my role as Product Manager for Matrix42 every week i search through the internet to inform myself about news round about SCCM, find new ideas and identify key persons and events in the community. This takes really much time. For this reason, i had the idea to publish my search result on a more or less regular (but not weekly) base on my blog. Today i will start with my first entry about this. Please keep me informed, if you have information you miss here. Hope you enjoy this.

Documentation of SCCM

Microsoft moved their documentation about SCCM away from TechNet to the new documentation center. The new URL for all SCCM documentation is Currently their is just the English documentation.

All documentation regarding SCCM 2012 R2 and earlier will remain on the TechNet.

New (SCCM?) Podcast

Alexander, Eric and Andrè started the „Geeksprech“-Podcast. The podcast is available in iTunes and Soundcloud. I am really curious about it.

 The world of 2016

Needless to say, but now everything is on 2016. Windows Server 2016 is released and available on all download platforms. But side by side, SCOM and SCSM are both released as 2016 version. For SCOM 2016 a first Update Rollup is always available here.

Current branch, servicing branch and LTSB

Microsoft released an article about the servicing plan in SCCM and how to deal with LTSB. I definitivly not recommend to choose this model, but i think its make sense to read. You’ll find the article here.

Here you’ll find an very good article about the support cycles of SCCM.

Powershell is Open Source now

Wow, that are really amazing news. Yesterday Microsoft announced that Powershell will be available as Open Source.


Here is the article

The project on GitHub

A few introduction videos on Channel9

I am totally flashed….