Webinar über Kosteneinsparung mit SCCM


Am 28.09. halte ich zusammen mit Jörg Ehrlinspiel, Projektleiter bei der ZF, ein Webinar über den Einsatz des Enterprise Manager for SCCM (EM) bei SCCM und die Möglichkeiten der Kosteneinsparung durch den EM. Ich würde mich freuen wenn ich dort viele alte und neue Namen in der Teilnehmerliste sehe. Ich bin sicher das ist eine gut investierte Stunde Zeit. Registrierung erfolgt hier.


Technical preview of Enterprise Manager 7

Hi there outside. I am very proud, that we were able to release our first Technical Preview of „Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM“ (EM). I think i can say, that EM is the most advanced addon for SCCM on the market. One main differentiation to other solution is, that we ship an additional Agent which is running side-by-side with the SCCM Agent and enhanced the User-Experience of SCCM on the user-side. Now we gone the next big step and created an brand new agent which is using modern protocols (webAPI, SignalR) to implement features like push and realtime reporting with nearly zero network usage and a brand-new (full customizable) UI based on HTML5.


Please keep in mind, this is the first of a series of Technical Previews. Do not use this build in a productive Environment. Follow this link to login to the Matrix42 Marketplace and download the binaries. A demo license must be ordered separate.

Import computer from foreign datasources

EM is using the Active Directory as Computer-Import-Source where itself it’s installed. To Import Computer from other Active Directory you have 2 choices:

  • Building a trust / replicate Computer Accounr
  • Import Computer from another datasource
  • Using the EM API to create them from external

When it is not possible to build a trust between your Active Directories (because of DMZ or similar) you can Switch the Dataimport-Source.


Improve SCCM 5/5 – Simple & Compliance Reports

In the  first video of this series i explained what are the top 5 pains in SCCM. After that we identified, what should be done to improve SCCM and seen a first example which describes the permission Management within EM Tasks. Lust but not least i showed the packaging capabilities in EM with sequences and rollout plans.
Now i will Show you the very cool implementation of Reports.
Have fun!