The System Center news and facts CW44

As promised two weeks ago, i want to give you update regular about news and facts about all things round about System Center i discovered in my role as Product Manager for all SCCM tools, Matrix42 is producing. So lets go:

A new Meetup

Eric started a new Meetup for the region of Weimar. Topic will be Azure. Details will be available as soon as possible under the following address: (German content)

Upgrade Windows 10

A topic i wanted to explain several times, now Manuel had done it first. Unter the address you will find a detailed description, how to upgrade your existing Windows Installation to the newest Build Version. It’s based on an SCCM Task-Sequence, so you are able to use „Matrix42 Enterprise for SCCM“ to enhance the functionality EM.

Inplace Upgrade of SQL Server

You want to upgrade your SQL Server to Version 2016 and you don’t know how to do that and which versions are supported? Use this great TechNet article to find out, how to to an inplace upgrade.


There are many rumors and discussion round about the SCCM LTBS. My opinion: New stuff is cool stuff, and one or two bugs makes life spicy. But if you are interested in LTBS, have a look to another LTBS information site, which describes restrictions of LTBS.



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