Crankdesk on SCUG.AT

Today i had the pleasure to join the System Center and Powershell Usergroup in Vienna.

We have seen three session. The first one was hold by me about SQL Server Deployment with Powershell Appdeployment Toolkit, SCCM and Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM. But i am sure, that everyone who read this blog knows the great Enterprise Manager, so i will concentrate on the other sessions.

After using a few words on his Selfservice Portal for Orchestrator  SCOOSP Michael Seidl presented us the usage of Data Protection Manager (DPM). He presented the several Features of DPM.

  • In DPM you can define SLAs for Security Groups (in german he called it „Schutzgruppen“), to be sure that every 12 hours a System is backed up.
  • It is possible in Hyper-V to establish a virtual FibreChannel to save Content of a virtual machine with DPM.
  • Deduplication is not possible in DPM (in some Situation it is, but it’s not relative for productive use.
  • In DPM 2012R2 Update 5 you can build Enterprise Reports in form of a Dashboard.
  • Myths of Azure Backup
    • „In DPM you can Backup to Azure.“ The most used Argument is, that the time to live in Azure for Files is to short. With DPM Update5 it possible to save the data for max. 99 years.
    • „Azure Backup is too expensive.“ The current pricelist Shows that the Prices shrinked dramatically.
    • „You cannot backup all workloads“. This is solved with Update5.
    • „For the inital backup you have to increase your bandwith“. The solution is to export the data to a 3,5″ HD and send it „with a trusted“ packaging service to Microsoft.
    • The max. data for every datasource is 1.65 GB. This is solved in current Update5 (Example: Windows Server 2012 and above has a Maximum size of 54400 GB).
  • The consistency check is improved. For some customer it took 48h to do the consistency check. The Problem was, that is not possible to backup during this time. In the current Version DPM is doing this with the USN Journal and block based. For the customer with the 48 hours the times has redced to 15 minutes.
  • DPM 2016 Features
    • In DPM 2016 it is possible to Backup Mixed Mode Cluster.
    • Resilient Change Tracking is available now. In earlier Version it was needed to to pause a VM to backup it. With RCT it is possible to Backup a VM without pausing the VM.
    • Storage Space Direct
    • With Server 2016 is it possible to activate a Virtual TPM in Hyper-V to encrypt your VMs. With DPM 2016 you can backup those virtual machines.
    • One rumor is, that it is possible to backup VMware VMs

At least he does a live Demonstration of the newest Version of DPM.

At least Patrick Wahlmüller from „Berufliches Bildungs- und Rehabilitätszentrum“ show us how to standardize and automate Userdrives. He showed us the steps they have done to start an automation of userdrives with SCSM and Powershell.

It was to complex to describe it just with a few lines of text, but all in one it was great to see a real live example and see how much work the IT Administration teams worldwide have every day to run their daily Business.



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