Crankdesk on System Center Usergroup Danmark

jihaaeeeeaaa. Today i have the pleasure to visit the System Center User Group in Danmark, organized by coretech. The event is done at Microsoft in Danmark. Matrix42 is sponsoring this session and i will hold a session about Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM. Now i am waiting for the first session. Visit this page again over the day to get current news from this Event.

Hyper-V, AzureStack, all the fine Server Stuff with Flemming Riis

The first session was about Hyper-V and the new possiblities of Hyper-V in SQL Server 2016. Flemming Riis told us some interesting News about Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016.

  • The new licensinfg models
  • Some cool Facts, like the fact that you can disconnect Network Adapters from a running Hyper-V guest (with Guest Maschine Version 2)
  • You can Powershell direct to GuestOS from HostOS, without Powershell Remoting or an existing Network Connection.
  • Improvements in ReFS for Hyper-V disk Performance
  • How to seperate permissions with fabric Controllers. This is specially interesting, when a Hyper-V Administrator should not have the permissions to manage Domain Controller to prevent Distribution of malware or shutting down the Systems.
  • Nano Server: In my Point of view the most interesting new thing in Windows Server 2016. But there are currently Limitation. you can just use signed Drivers and i is currently not possible to boot from SD-Card.
  • Storage spaces. Also a huge improvement in Windows Server 2016 and eventually your Option to live without expensive NAS Systems in your Network. He Shows us live in his personal storage fabric how to manage storage spaces and what are the Options for Failover, repair, and so one.
  • Last but not least, he told us, how to manage an azure stack Installation.

Wow, all this Topics in one head ;-). Respect!!!

Next bing Thing: How to build a kick-ass Hybrid Cloud with the Intel NUC with Samuel Erskine

At first we learned one very important thing: Start with „why“. Sam explained why is is here, something about the Story of the MP3 Player and whiy it is good to have a Gadget with you…

Why you should: If you come into a room and the People want to kill you, just have a Gadget with you. After that they will love you 😉

The Problem of SAM in the past was: He has to install SCCM on the „crapiest“ Hardware ever or he Needs a house, just for hist testenvrionment.

After connecting his Webcam, he has a surprise for us. He took a USB powered Monitor and a small Keyboard. Connected this all together to a „Magic box“ with much of cable and „dingeling“ and after few tries a Windows Server Screen appears on the monitor. Wooohooo. WTF? What he has done there? And what’s all this stuff on the table?

He took 4 Intel NUC Systems and connected the virtual machines to a USB powered Switch with Software defined Network. On top of that he installed a Wifi Switch that makes it possible that everyone in the room can connect to his lab.

Great, a datacenter for your suitcase. Craaaazzyyy…

Thanks to SAM i know now, how to get my datacenter with me to beach during the next Holiday…

Hey cool, a second session from Sam – OMS Zero to Hero “your log search made easy, Samuel Erskine  

Sam should us, what OMS is, the new Cloud based Monitoring System from Microsoft. He demonstrated how to get a demo-account with your normal LiveID. He explained how easy it is, to Analyse logs with OMS without writing powershell scripts. Ist just build in into OMS. Just with a few clicks you query, filter and order your logs with the log search module in OMS. If you are like the idea, to Monitor your Environment from the Cloud, it will reduce your work exponential.

Last session: Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen  told something about OMS/ Azure Automation

Jakob shows us how to work with Runbooks, Jobs, Modules and Schedules and integrate Assets like Certificates, Variables, Credentials and Connections.

All this is integrated in Azure, so you can use as example Log Analytics and a runbook to analyze your data and generate alerts based on your rules (lets say to much Logins). As example you can automatically send a SMS (as example via twilio) and solve the issue (unlock user) also with a SMS.

Lust but not least he showed how to integrate your Servicemanagement Suite into OMS with the technologies he showed to us before.

It was awesome to see the live implementation during the session and it as perfectly explained (it was in danish, but i understood everything and have an idea how to implement that).

Summary: It was a really great day, with much of Information and was worth the travel. I recommend every german guy (specially the nordic) to do the small jump with the airplane and join the guys here.




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