Import computer from foreign datasources

EM is using the Active Directory as Computer-Import-Source where itself it’s installed. To Import Computer from other Active Directory you have 2 choices:

  • Building a trust / replicate Computer Accounr
  • Import Computer from another datasource
  • Using the EM API to create them from external

When it is not possible to build a trust between your Active Directories (because of DMZ or similar) you can Switch the Dataimport-Source.

The easiest way is, to create the Computers in SCCM and let EM Import these Computer Objects. This can be implemented with the following few steps.

Edit the „Computers“ Dataimport.


Switch the Datasource option to „SQL Database“.


Set the credentials to access the SQL Server.


Select the Table „<Sitecode>_System_Valid“ as Datasource. This view will be automatically created when you configure EM against SCCM.


Select at Minium the „Hostname“ Column. This column is used to identify the Computers and match the to existing Computer objects in the EM Database. If you want to use more colums as identifier, select them here.

If you want to use another Database as Datasource, create a column „Hostname“ there.


Now every active SCCM Computer will be automatically imported into EM.




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