SCCM Configuration #6 – Service Connection Point

Microsoft has changed the way to distribute update to SCCM customer and started to release SCCM in two different branches: Production Branch and Technical Preview Branch. The branches are described here.

To get updates for your SCCM Infrastructure it is needed to configure a Service Connection Point. Some SCCM Versions are just available as Update. As example SCCM 1511 can be installed from an ISO file, but SCCM 1602 is just available as Update in the Service Connection Point role.

The Service Connection Point has the following functions: It build up a connection to the Microsoft Cloud, download Updates for SCCM and connects to your Intune subscription.

To install a service Connection Point, you have to navigate to the Servers and Site System Roles and Add a new Site System Role.

2016-03-14 07_06_16-System Center Configuration Manager (Connected to MUC - Munich)

After that you have to define the typical initial Settings.

Then you can select the role you want to install. You choose „Service Connection Point“.

2016-03-14 07_07_21-Add Site System Roles Wizard

In the next Screen you can configure, if the Connection Point should work online (that will download updates automatically) or offline. In case of offline-mode you can predownload the files and prepare them to integrate them into the Connection Point.

2016-03-14 07_07_30-Add Site System Roles Wizard

You can Control the Installation of the Service Connection Point in the ConnectorSetup.log in your Logfile Directory (See variable %SMS_LOG_PATH%). Please be patient, it can take 5-10 minutes after SCCM starts installing the Service Connection Point and writing a logfile.  The Installation procedure will check the installed SQLNativeClient, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 4.5 and will register the Assemblies of the Service Connection Point.

The logfile will end with the message „Installation was successful“. 2016-03-14 12_21_27-Configuration Manager Trace Log Tool - [C__Program Files_..._Logs_ConnectorSetup

It is also visible in the logfile, that are two new Shares created. One is „EasySetupPayload“ the other one „AdminUIContentPayload“.

After the configuration it could take a few hours to get the new updates for SCCM. You can force the Download of new Updates with the Powershell Script published here.

When the update appear you can start the prerequisite check and the Installation process.


The Installation of the new SCCM Version can be controlled in the CMUpdate.log file.




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