Whisky Tasting auf der #scugat in Wien

The #scugat (System Center UserGroup) Vienna Event is there. Yihaaa. Matrix42 sponsored a Whisky Tasting for this Event and i think all attendees where excited.


But step by step.

The first slot was held by Rainer Schneemayer from Timewarp. The gave us a small overview about the COOP IT, which is a swiss company held by Timewarp and itps. COOP IT should be Brand for different small companies with different strategies to solve complex problems for their customer.




After that we got an overview about the Datacenter services of timewarp. The special service of COOP IT is to host a very large number of (MSSQL-)databases with very low effort. The use a inhouse developed tool which is called SIMS. The content of the tool is devided in to Application inventory, backup control, enhanced information management, monitoring and security management.

Roman Stadlmair is an independent consultant and talked about „Software Inventory Logging (SIL)“, which is a default component of Windows Server 2012 R2 since Feburary 2016. SIL will get several information about the server. This includes Features, Hardware, Devices, VM Info, OS and installed Software. SIL will create a SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) Report.


All the information will be stored in an OLAP based Datamodel. The architecture is based on a webservice and 2 Databases (InventoryData and OLAP).

The prerequisites are „single Active Directory“, an Enterprise CA and Group Managed Service Accounts for distributed Installations.

All data will be consolidated by the SIL Aggregator. This needs Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS, SQL Server 2012 SP2 with DB, Analysis Services and Agent. The SIL Client is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and newer. In a live demonstration Roman shows us a live demonstration of SIL in his Test Environment.

Christian Kreutzer from ACP shows us very interesting details about Storage Spaces, ReFS, Disk Layouts and gaves as a live demonstration. In Server 2016 there is a new variant of Storage Spaces which is called Storage Space direct. This means that it is possible to build up storage spaces with direct attached discs instead of using a shared file system. This can be used for small and medium customer to build up one system for Hyper-V hosting and Storage. But it is possible to sperate compute and storage for large scale-out deployments.


With ReFS in Server 2016 there is an proactive Error Correction (Data will checked during write processes), Multi-Resiliency Virtual Disks, Realtime Tiering and accelerated vhdx operations. Dependend on the size of the virtual harddisks the write operation for creating a VHDX is factor 20 till 200 faster with ReFS.

After the theoretical details, Christian explained the tests their have done on a HP Apollo 2000 System in a live demonstration. He shows how to install and configure a cluster in Windows Server 2016 with powershell and activate the Storage Space Feature.

And than, we started with the funny part. I gave a tasting about 6 Whiskys. To shorten up the text, here you can download the PowerPoint. I hope all attendees enjoyed this and will remember this experience. Following you will find a few Picture that are made by Michael Seirer. The Whisky where all bought from Whisky and Wine in Munich.




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