Improve SCCM 2/5 – SCCM Dopamine

I think you will ask now: „Why the hell, he is writing about dopamine in a technical Blog?“

Dopamine is the hormone which gives you the small kicks when something goes right. If you find something on google after a long search session, or someone likes your G+/Facebook Message, or your boss (also your subordinate 😉 say to you „good job“, for this feeling dopamine is responsible.

I am really convinced, that the dopamine-kick is the most important factor you have to consider when designing a software. When the user feels happy while using your software, he will do it again and again. And he/she will tell her colleagues.

In my last video I explained what are the top 5 pains in SCCM. Lets go to the next step and identify functions and features, that could be a dopamine kick for your users.


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