Matrix42 Enterprise Manager is supporting Windows 10

The Matrix42 Enterprise Manager for SCCM is ready for Windows 10 now. All new UI WIN10 elements (like Notifications) are supported, we install Win10 directly from WINPE10 and the Agent is doing its Job perfectly now. See the following screenshots…

Creating the new Task for OS Installation

01 Create an installation task for win10

Installing EM Agent out of SCCM tasksequence 02 EM Agent will be installed by SCCM task sequence

Handover to EM Agent

03 SCCM Tasksequnce handover to EM Agent

Lock the screen

Our new Feature Evaluation, credential Provider with possibility to lock the Login screen, sending Messages dynamicly to Login screen, Change the logon Picture, ….

04 The windows logon screen with our new feature-elevation the EN windows credential provider

EM Agent does the work

The rest of the work ist done in Background by SCCM Agent or EM Agent (you have the choice, both can be triggered by EM)

05 EM Agent

An new Task arrives the user

06 New Task arrived user

User can schedule the new Task

Of course, based on properties, the Administrator had defined (max. booking per hour, donwload or run from Server, …)

07 User can schedule the new task

The user will be notified about new EM Agent Agent tasks

08 A windows 10 notification from EM Agent


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